I found out that alcoholism is a family disease and that it affects everyone in the family. However, in Al-Anon, each member can survive the effects of alcoholism. Sharing my experiences of what I have lived through may provide a chance for others to identify with me and clear out their feelings of being alone or the only one of their kind.

When I share my experiences and the use of my Al-Anon program, it may help the newcomer and long-time members also. People are free to take what they like and leave the rest.

​My experience in Al-Anon has led me to peace and serenity. I continue to be an example to struggling members reminding them that they too can find peace and serenity whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not.

Just recently I experienced that not only human beings find Al-Anon a safe place but other species do as well. A mallard duck came to the doors of our Al-Anon meeting for a safe place to start her new family. She knew that we would not hurt her, so she built her nest right outside our doors. What a beautiful, peaceful, serene sight it was. The nest is empty now but we can hope that the duck and her family survived.

Bay City Al-Anon Member