...for the alcoholics in my life, especially my son Mark. It is because of this family disease, and my recovery from it, is who I am today. My life was full of anger, fear, resentment and trying to fix my son. Little did I know he had a disease and I could no more stop this by words or actions than I could stop cancer or diabetes. I became the world's greatest enabler without knowing it. Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to live with an alcoholic and guiding me through the doors of Al-Anon. I didn't feel this way at first. But with the love and encouragement to keep coming back to Al-Anon, over a period of time I began to feel hope, love, compassion and acceptance towards my son and to the other alcoholics in my life. The only way I could help my son was by

changing my attitude towards him and by accepting him. I learned I was powerless over people, places, and things. When I started working the Steps and using the Slogans -- "Easy Does It," "First Things First," "How Important Is It," "Just For Today," "Keep an Open Mind," "Keep It Simple," "Let Go and Let God," "Let It Begin With Me," "Listen and Learn," "Live and Let Live," "One Day at a Time," "Think," "Together We Can Make It" -- my life became better. These things brought peace and serenity to me whether the alcoholics, especially my son, were drinking or not. I will always remember "I can't, God can, I think I will let Him." Recently a special Alateen member asked me, "Why does your son still live with you?" My reply was, "Someday when you are a mom you will understand." Thank You God for providing me this journey of life with my son! In memory of my son Mark, I hope this message could be helpful to others.

Lynn K, Al-Anon Member